How To Use A Glass Dip Pen?

Glass dip pen is a unique calligraphy pen collection which is handmade by experienced glass masters. You won't be able to find a same pen with this since the one and only designed is crafted only once.  Glass dipping pens offer more ink distribution, and they are the perfect weight, allowing for a smoother, more comfortable writing experience. So How To Use A Glass Dip Pen?

how to use a glass dip pen

Step 1 to use a glass dip pen:

Dip the nib of the pen in your ink. Look closely at the tip of the pen. You’ll notice small yet deep grooves (or veins) in the tip. These tips play a similar role to that of a nib in a pointed pen. These capillaries hold the ink as you write.

Step 2 to use a glass dip pen:

Allow any excess ink to drip into the below. Dip it only about halfway through the tip of the pen. After you dip the pen, rub it gently along the rib of your ink well to remove any excess ink. If you have excess ink on your pen, it’ll leave blobs as you write.

Step 3 to use a glass dip pen:

Write! Using a light amount of pressure (as compared to the steel nib pens), make a few practice strokes on the paper. Vary the pressure to see what works best for you, but don’t over-stress it. This will lead to not only a broken pen, but a broken heart as well. You'd better write at an angle, not vertically. It's a elegant glass writing instrument, perfect for daily fonts, calligraphy, sketching.

Step 4 to use a glass dip pen:

Cleaning! If you're changing colors, just dip the nib in water or gently rinse off the ink under a faucet. Pat dry with a paper towel before dipping into a new ink.

You should know how to use glass pens right now! It's really an awesome writing instrument for calligraphy. Shop a glass dip pen now!