6 Advantages of Glass Dip Pen

Have you ever tried glass dip pen? Glass dip pen is a handmade artwork of crystal glass, glass dip pen is not just a fine writing instrument, many pen enthusiasts have a collection of glass dip pens, not only for the large variety of elegant designs, but also because you can easily change between colors when you want to write with multiple inks.

Glass Dip Pen is widely used for calligraphy, art painting, graffiti, daily writing, sketching, hand account records, etc. Today let's discuss The 6 Advantages of Glass Dip Pen.
glass dip pen
1. Beautiful appearance. Glass dipping pens are handcrafted and, as such, each batch varies in color. This makes each pen a unique item for your collection. There is a variety of glass dip pens in the marketing. Each pen is handmade and totally unique.
2. Reasonable price. As we all know, a good foundation pen is too expensive. It can be used as a foundation pen, but it is much more convenient than a foundation pen. Usually the price of a brand pen is over $100.
3. Convenient to test different inks. After all, cleaning the traditional pen is not easy, and frequent ink changes will damage the pen. If you have only one pen, you have to clean the ink bag every time when you change inks. As to glass dip pen, only shake few times into the water then wiping it off with a cotton cloth.
4. Easy to use. In addition to the color and convenience of the test, the glass pen is easy to write. Simply dip the glass pen in to the hold the ink. You can writer better calligraphy.
5. Easy to clean. Dip the pen into water, wipping with a cotton towel and dry with in less than 10 seconds.
6. It can also remind you to take care of your things, I have broken three glass pens.

Now we know the 6 Advantages of Glass Dip Pen. Let's practice how to use it.