why I like glass pens?

I don’t know why I like glass pens, and one day I realized that I owned five of them. Today I would like to share a little experience!
glass dip pen
The conditions to buy a glass dipping pen are:

1. Good-looking ... Basically, the practical value of the glass pen is not too high, so I recommend taking the appearance as a consideration and buying it only you like it.

2. Writing balance ... A good pen need to match the user's writing habits, and the glass pen body is usually all glass and has various shapes, these shapes will change the weight, if you are a left-hand writer, glass pen is the best choice.

3. Ink ... Usually there is special ink for dip pens. You can also buy inks for comics instead, and that's fine, but there are some pen nibs that are thinner and the capillary grooves are stable in ink storage. I recommend the professional glass dip pen ink.

4. Paper scraping problem ... You can use sand paper to grind lightly, and use the sand paper as a paper to write. Just pay attention to changing the angle all the time and grinding off all the sharp edges, so it will not scratch the paper.

Use and maintenance:

You don't worry about oxidation and rust of glass pen, and it is not easy to be scratched like a plastic pen, but it is made of glass, which is easy to broken, so be careful when you get writing.

When writing, many people worry about breaking the tip. This problem will not happen. When I tried to write, I used the same force as a pen and never broke it.

After using the glass pen, if you are lazy, you can get a glass of water next to it, put the pen tip in water to dilute the ink, and then dry it with soft paper. If you don't wash the pen, and there is still a lot of ink on the pen tip, it will affect your next use.

The storage of the pen is very important. It is best to put it in a box that can hold the pen body, otherwise you need to protect the pen tip with a hose or you can buy a glass pen with pen cap.