GlassDipPen, operated by Shanghai Feilan Advertising Co., Ltd.(上海飞兰广告有限公司),is a group of calligraphy enthusiast just like you!


  • GlassDipPen partnered with artisans and glass art studios worldwide to come up with the best glass pen designs. Each of the glass dip pen is uniquely designed and handcrafted by individual artist.

Large Variety

  • is a global online retailer for large variety of glass pens, including a large variety of glass dip pens, inks, pen holders & Accessories. Our mission is to bring together the world’s top glass dip pen designers and offer the best service to our customers!

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    • GlassDipPen has built relationships with the manufacturers and sell directly to you. You won’t find glass dip pen like these out in the market that are as affordable. We are committed to provide high quality glass pen collections at best price with professional service.