Good news! We are getting back to regular shipping status from this week!

Here are some updates about our business:

About Shipping:

To our US customers

Our US fulfillment center is still working, so any order with products in our US inventory(we have marked it on product page)  will be shipped in 48 hours and deliver in 7 business days(Orders to Hawaii and Alaska might take longer). For all non-US inventories, we still need to ship it from international until we are able to restock our US inventory. Due to the recently limited processing ability of post services, it tooks 14-21 business days to deliver. If you ordered both US and non-US-inventory products, we will ship separately to guarantee you can get your items as soon as possible

To our international customers

Our international fulfillment center is still working, and from this week, we are able to ship both with or without ink orders to more countries. Orders will be shipped in 48-72 hrs and the delivery time might still be longer than usual, 15 to 25 business days(depends on different countries) until we get new updates from the post service. Also, the international shipping services to some of the countries, such as Swissland, Hungary, and etc has not been recovered. We will notify you through email about your order if we can not find an estimated shipping date.

Some of the orders we shipped out in the past month were returned by the post service due to the limites under global emergency situation. We have rescheduled the shipping with post service this month and most of them has been resent out. If you placed an order and wonders if your order is on the way or not, feel free to contact our customer support team by email to Our customer support team is now working from home and will response in time.

Stay Inside and Do Calligraphy.

If you always want to practice calligraphy but never find a time to start, this might be the best time to pick it up.


Everything is getting better now. Please keep taking care of yourselves and your loved ones and stay safe.


Glass Dip Pen Team