3D Flower Glass Dip Pen with Ink - Crystal Pen with Flower Inside

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The 3D Flower Glass Dip Pen is a traditional design in glass art industry. These flower glass dip pens in this collection are handcrafted by the master artisans. Each pen includes an 3D glass flower in it which is nice to detail and looks like a real one. Our glass dipping pens are beautifully balanced and have a comfortable grip for both left-handed and right-handed person. This crystal pen with flower inside is a work of art and a writing piece that any serious writer will want in their collection. The glass dip pen with flower is very suitable for calligraphy, writing and drawing.

                    • Traditional writing light glass dip pen with vintage style, reminiscent of the quill pen, perfect for decoration and collection
                    • You only need a 10-second cleaning before switching colors, just swish in water and dry with a paper towel
                    • It is lovely in the pen holder/inkwell. Very beautiful and cute decoration on your desk
                    • Looks cool, feels good in the hand, comfortable weight and perfect length
                    • Exquisite twisting pattern pulses through the shaft of the pen.


                                        • Material: Fine Glass
                                        • Pen size: 19cm


                                        • Pen with 1 ink - A flower glass dip pen, a pen holder and a 15ml ink, gift-wrapped
                                        • Pen with 4 inks - A flower glass dip pen, a pen holder, a cleaning cup, 4 x 5ml ink.

                                        Customer Reviews

                                        Based on 88 reviews
                                        Lindsay Pearson (Oakville, CA)
                                        Beautiful pen and smooth flow

                                        This is a beautiful pen, easy to hold and use. The tip does not catch or scratch the paper so lines are nice and smooth great control. The ink is a very pretty colour. It is not waterproof ink and sometimes if the bottle gets shaken up it can make a mess when you open the lid so be careful 😉

                                        Bonnie Johnson (Becker, US)
                                        Pen is beautiful

                                        However, even after triple checking before pushing send, I got 2 blue flowers instead of one blue and one orange. Love the look, feel and performance of the pen itself.

                                        Roma Johnston (Seattle, US)
                                        Crystal pen with flower inside

                                        It is beautiful and one of my favorite dip pens!

                                        Beatriz Costa (Varsta, SE)

                                        3D Flower Glass Dip Pen with Ink - Crystal Pen with Flower Inside

                                        Doree Stone (Martin, US)

                                        3D Flower Glass Dip Pen with Ink - Crystal Pen with Flower Inside

                                        Karen Holand (Hammond, US)
                                        Haven't used it yet

                                        Would have been nice to have a sheet of tips and instructions on how to *carefully* open the bottles and using it all properly.

                                        Sharon Taylor
                                        Beautiful glass pen!

                                        This pen is beautifully made and fun to use. The included rest is so pretty! Would highly recommend. 👍👍

                                        Mars explorer (Norfolk, US)
                                        Bob says hi to the stars

                                        The tip broke off pretty fast but it still works broken and all! I can’t use it on normal paper or else the ink will bleed. Those are really my only critiques. Overall I found the polychromatic variety beautiful and I love using my pen!

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