Now or Never - Peter Pan Glass Dip Pen(US inventory)


If you want a unique glass dip pen made with premium quality crystal glass, our Peter Pan design will be something for you! The studio only made 100 pieces for us! So this is our first "Now or Never" edition!

This pen is made with high borosilicate crystal glass. Handcrafted under super high temperature, the pen body is completely clear and balanced. Comparing with regular dip pens nibs, this pen nib is made with water wave gully, which allows the pen to hold the inks longer and write longer with one dip. 

  • Pen tip: 0.38mm-0.5mm
  • Pen length: 6.5"
  • Package includes: 1 Peter Pan Glass Dip Pen (No pen holder or pen rest included)

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Janice Kujawa-mcclure (The Bronx, US)
Solid and beautiful.

Nice pen. Comfortable.

Michael Dalling (Edmonton, CA)

This pen is amazing, I can not draw (that’s my wife’s skill) and but I wanted to find a pen that seemed different from other pens, including fountain pens, and I wanted it specifically for journaling in cursive....I saw this pen on a YouTube channel called Peter Draws and honestly he gave the pen a decent review but it wasn’t the review I cared for but it was the visual of this pen and the crisp lines it gave and honestly the images on this site and in the review do not do this pen justice the weight is beautiful the feel is smooth and the colour is truly pleasing to the eye....the pen gives a scratch sensation when using it on paper and I really appreciate that feeling it still glides but not in the same way as a fountain pen...and I find that this pen doesn’t bleed like my 18karat gold nib dip pen which is also really nice to keep the crisp letters in my cursive...though as a left handed writer I still have to work on my technique as to not smudge the in.

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