Handmade Glass Dip Pen with Resin Pen Body and Cap


Only 4 pieces in stock!

This Handmade Dip Glass Pen with Resin Pen Body and Cap is one of the unique design in our premium series by Gooome Studio. Each pen is made of resin pen body, pen cap and high quality glass nib. It is perfect for both traditional and modern calligraphy. This brings the craft of traditional writing into the modern era – doing its part to keep the art of writing alive. You will find a new writing experience unlike using normal dip pen! With the pen cap, this glass pen can be used as the regularly fountain pen and carry for daily use.

This is a perfect gift for aspiring beginners or experienced calligraphers - Purchase this exquisite calligraphy dip pen for the creative person in your life, and they will join thousands of others that love writing!


Pen length: 142mm
Pen Nib Size: 0.5-0.8mm


Due to the limited supply of this series, any order with these pens will be shipped after 1 week of order date.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Judit (San Fernando, PH)
Satisfying to Write with

Was curious about trying out a handmade glass pen. It feels solid with no obvious bubbles in the glass or any other signs of cheap/poor manufacturing quality. The twisted shaft feels good in the hand and it's quite satisfying to write with.

Rebecca S (Davao City, PH)
Looks durable

You can tell it is really of quality and looks durable. I hope this handmade glass pen lasts long.

Nelson Mice (Mandaluyong City, PH)
I LOVE this pen, 10/10, zero complaints

I absolutely love this handmade glass dip pen. The glass dip pen is beautifully made and comfortable to use.

Dagmar Grossmann (Davao City, PH)
Very Handy

Been using this handmade glass pen at work and it's very handy and clean. I got the blue one. Thanks for this!

Steve McDonald (Pasong Tamo, PH)
Nice and beautiful pen

I am very pleased with this handmade glass pen. It's just beautiful and writes nicely. I bought a second one and gave it as a gift. The received loved it. I mainly use it for testing new ink samples.

Hzl Gzl (Davao City, PH)
Great Dip Pen

LOVE this pen! I actually went back and bought a second one. The glass tip works beautifully as a handmade glass dip pen .

Vinay Kumar (Davao City, PH)
Very Handy

It's minimalist type of design gives it a really strong look. I love this handmade glass dip pen! So easy to use and handy.

Cc Zz (Quezon City, PH)
Fun and interesting writing/drawing instrument

This was a gift for my mother. She was ecstatic. Seems to live permanently on her kitchen bar now with a bottle of ink and a piece of scratch paper doodled on by every member of the family at some point or other. Ink flows beautifully and smoothly over the tip.

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