Vintage Style Glass Dip Pen with Wooden Pen Cap for Everyday Journal


This Vintage Style Glass Dip Pen with Wooden Cap is made from premium wood, perfect for both traditional and modern calligraphy. This brings the craft of traditional writing into the modern era – doing its part to keep the art of writing alive. You will find a new writing experience unlike using normal dip pen!

This is a perfect gift for aspiring beginners or experienced calligraphers - Purchase this exquisite calligraphy dip pen set for the creative person in your life, and they will join thousands of others that love writing!

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Alex.D (London, CA)
Amazing quality glass dip pen

This is the first time I bought a fairly higher price glass dip pen compare to my cheap glass pen bought few years ago and I must say, the quality of this wood vintage glass pen truly impressed my expectations.

The pen itself is so elegant with that glossy wooden body and feels great in my hand. I’m not so sure about the colour as it doesn’t seems to look like the Oak colour I have ordered. It looks a bit more red than the brown of the Oak in my opinion. But regardless of the colour, still a beautiful piece to my eyes. Nice design concept with the ability to put a cap on as protection. Perfect for travelling.

As for the glass section. I don’t know what type of glass they used but that glass looks sooo much clearer than to the cheap one. It’s much more smoother to write with it as well.

In general, love the time you put to make this amazing looking piece of treasure. It does make a huge difference to a cheap glass pen that’s for sure. The box got a little bend from the bottom which got me a bit worried but I’m glad it didn’t damage the glass pen. Highly recommended.

Calligrapher (San Francisco, US)
My first glass nib

This pen is beautiful. I really like that the body is wooden, so it's warm to the hand. It also seems more durable than all-glass pens, which I have avoided for that reason. I do wish it were a little longer. Still, it is totally comfortable for writing. Actually, it is a joy to write with, The nib holds a generous amount of ink, so I didn't have to resupply as often as I'm used to with metal nibs. I've used metal italic nibs for Western calligraphy, so I tried this one and was pleased with the results. That said, I would love it if there were glass italic nibs available in this line of pens.

Katrina Miller (Brisbane, AU)
Wooden pen with glass tip.

Unfortunately when the pen arrived, the ink bottles had leaked and damaged the contents. After wiping the wooden pen down, the wood on the pen had changed colour. While it didn’t look as nice its functionality wasn’t affected. The pen was unbroken, unlike my other order - which the company subsequently replaced. The recipient (it was a present) was very happy.

Desiree M. (Goodyear, US)

Quality product! Beautiful redwood casing and glass nib that is beautiful and writes well!

Paul E Dodaro (Leesburg, US)

A great addition to my collection. Once I learned the best way to use it, it is an instrument with which it is fun to write. I highly can recommend it

Teressa Doodigian (Dallas, US)
Love my pen.

My new dip pen is absolutely a dream pen to use. Smooth and concise.

Ellen (Newport News, US)
Redwood glass nib pen

I was amazed how nice the pen fit in my hand and how lovely the glass nib writes. The cap is a major plus to carry on my traveling adventures to write in my travel and home journals. The red wood is very high quality that feels very smooth while I write with it

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